Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"Chloe will probably always be overweight," says Friendship Animal Hospital Veterinarian

I took a trip up to Friendship Animal Hospital with my person today. We were going for a "recheck" since I was coughing up blood Monday morning. New x-rays! The X-rays looked good. Basically, nothing has really changed since my last visit in January. I'm not really better but I'm not really worse either. The good news is I've lost weight - almost a pound and a half since my last visit! The vet, however, said that because of my age I will likely always be fat. It's not healthy to lose weight too quickly. The main concern now with kitties my age is quality of life. I think my quality of life is pretty good these days! My plan is to take a relaxed approach and enjoy life as much as possible. Today was a gorgeous day to be out for a jaunt in my cat carrier! Hopefully, I'll get an opportunity to get out and enjoy the weather again sometime soon without also having to visit the Vet. If not, I'll just get my person to open the window and I'll take in the breeze from the comfort of my bed.