Friday, November 26, 2004

Green Blanket Therapy

Our person has been home coughing and sneezing at all hours of the day and night FOR like EVER. Total chaos! We're used to quite a bit of down time. She has completely taken over the purple couch. There are some perks though, longer and more frequent petting sessions. She's watched about ten movies on the laptop (so I haven't been able to Internet as much as I'd like). We watched that movie about that big orange cat Garfield. What a hoot! He kind of looks like me, yet he kind of looks like Chloe too. Creepy. Could it be that Garfield is actually our father?

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

We've decided to stick it out.

We've decided to stick it out. We're not heading back to Europe...yet. Our person wants to stay and fight to win back the country. We're going to stay with her to be supportive. One issue we'd like to see addressed is representation in Congress for DC residents as well as for all cats across America. Heck, we're pushing for election reform in general! We'll give it until 2008 and if things haven't improved, we are out of here. Don't think we are not serious! We've already started working on our French. Reconnaitre le manque absolu de libre arbitre, c'est le seul acte que l'on est vraiment libre de faire. So there!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Moral Values my Ass!

We can't believe these crazy Americans. Four more years of Bush! Idiots. We are looking for a way out of here. Maybe we'll head back to Germany where we lived with Margaret. Or maybe France , I have a couple books-"French for Cats" and "Advanced French for Exceptional Cats"- we should be able to get by. Definitely not London though, GB is no better than the US.

Election from Hell! I'm horrified!

Here's a picture of Ari after ripping up that photo of Bush.